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Noosa, Byron Bay & Brisbane

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After leaving Hervey Bay in the early hours of the morning we enjoyed a smooth trip down to Noosa. Noosa is seen as one of Australia's most desirable holiday destinations. With its calming sea, warm weather and next to a national park, it seemed a great place to relax. After a disappointing time in Hervey Bay we both felt fully qualified to test this!

E-J, determined not to get this one wrong, managed to negotiate a good deal with a motel on Hastings Street, which is full of restaurants, boutique shops and easy access to the beach.


Having found our accommodation easily, we decided to settle on the main beach. The calmness of the water and the blue skies meant that we were able to really enjoy this laid back, little town.


However, the ever impatient Sam decided that after an hour and a half's sunbathing he wanted to do a bit of exploring, so we decided to take a walk within the national park to the right of this main beach. The walk we chose hugged the coastal line of the park, which meant we were able to appreciate the views of the calm sea, little beaches and bays along the way.


Having walked for a good couple of hours we decided to reward ourselves with a refreshing drink when we got back and then ended the evening in a pleasant, little sushi place.

The following day we allowed ourselves a lazy morning having had really early starts from the beginning of our travels and had a quick breakfast on Hastings street before heading to the beach. After an hour or so on the beach, the weather started to cloud up a bit, so we decided to put the time into deciding on where to go next, using the internet. Though after an hour of excessive web surfing, E-J was still in her same, unmistakably, indecisive mood. Sam decided to take the present into his control and hired a car for the next two days to get us down to Bryon Bay and then back up to Brisbane. The rest of the day followed the same as before, with a walk in the National Park, stumbling a cross a little snake, which E-J made such a noise about and then ending the evening with a few drinks and a good meal.


The next day we were up early and after a quick coffee on the beach we set off to Bryon Bay, in our snazy, upgraded car, which made both of us feel very grown up.


After three trips to the same roundabout, we finally left Noosa thanks to E-J's less than helpful map reading and travelled down the Sunshine Coast. By 1:30 we decided to make a brief stop in Surfer's Paradise, just to see what it was all about. The stop lasted all of hour and truly Sam would have been happier with ten minutes.


The place was an array of sky scrapers and revolting flashing neon lights. The place looked as though it had been a rushed attempt to make a booming and busy city. There was also a level of Vegas gone terribly wrong and we were very happy to leave the place after a brief bite to eat.

We arrived in Bryon Bay around 4pm and after a quick and approving inspection of the beach, we decided to look into accommodation. We got as far as the beach front motel and the Main Beach Hotel and decided to push the budget once more and stay at the lovely Beach Hotel. This time we were not disappointed in our indulgence.


The room was massive and it had the most gorgeous little patio leading out onto the garden and from there you could see the sea. In love with our little haven we were quite tempted to spend the rest of the evening there, but managed to drag ourselves away from the delights of the place and explore the buzzing little town, full of shops, bars and restaurants.

After a cocktail and a delicious Thai meal (something that has become rather essential to our diets), we headed back to the bar by the beach front and watched a good Reggae band until it was time to call it a night.


The next day we walked along the beautiful beach, which E-J wanted to spend a lot longer on, but Sam obsessed by his schedule of beating the traffic, insisted on a brief walk before we drove round to the other beach below the lighthouse. Having parked up and surveyed the beach, Sam wanted to hop back in the car and make our way to Brisbane. This was when E-J put her foot down or rather stamped it down and insisted on taking a walk up to the lighthouse and appreciating the views around, rather then just driving from one place to the other, only to jump out of the car for a second for a quick postcard photo of the surroundings.


Sam, realising that E-J (as always) was not going to back down on this one, marched very promptly and quickly up the hill, leaving E-J to breathlessly try and catch up with him.


Once we were at the top, it was worth it, as the views were spectacular and we were even able to spot a whale splashing around in the sea having a "whale" of a time.


The drive to Brisbane was only memorable for an E-J tantrum. However by the time we reached the town we were both excited to see our friends Ben and Veronica, who we had originally met in the jungle of Bolivia and who lived in Brisbane.

Having pushed the boat out the previous night, we found the cheapest backpackers accommodation we could, which was right by the railway. The room literally shook and rattled each time the train went by, like in one of those old movies.

After a little exploring of Brisbane, we went to meet Ben and Veronica in a bar where Ben and his band were performing. The band played the Blues and they were incredible!

It was so great to be reunited with our friends once more, we spent the rest of the night reminiscing and drinking far too much!!.


E-J, a little out of practise had to call it a night at twelve, while Sam and the others battled on, well into the early hours of the morning.

The next day, Veronica met up with us for a late breakfast. After a much needed fry up, Veronica really kindly showed us around Brisbane, pointing out the different features and taking us to the top of a hill where you could get a good panoramic view of the entire city with the river meandering all the way through it.


We then walked around the botanic gardens, which were absolutely beautiful, with an abundance of trees, flowers, ponds and wildlife. We also all had a bit of a fright, when Sam almost stepped on a snake! E-J was the one to spot it and after shrieking "Snake, Snake!!!" it hissed venomously at Sam and then slivered into the cracks of a wall and lay there watching us until we had gone.

(if you look really carefully, you can see it's tail slivering into the rocks)

Veronica then dropped us off at the South bank and we said our goodbyes and then wandered along the rivers edge and around the art gallery until it was time to catch our flight.


It was so easy making our way to the airport, by the efficient transport of Brisbane (which is more than we can say for Sydney) and ended up arriving at the airport really early. To our luck we were put on an earlier flight and before we knew it we were back in Sydney.

Sam's comments: It was great to see Ben and Veronica although my head wasn't too great the next day

E-J's comments: We had a great time chilling out on the beaches, enjoying the walks and seeing our friends again. I'm a little disappointed with my poor stamina when it comes to alcohol, I guess I'll have to get some more practise in before we return to England.

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