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After much deliberation as to whether to fly to an island such as Fiji or somewhere similar, we decided to go to the other side of Australia and booked a ticket to Broome. Broome is well renowned for pearl diving and at one stage provided 75% of the world's mother of pearl. Although the town is still one of the world's major suppliers for quality pearls, it is also a popular place for tourists.

The night before our departure, the ever excited E-J struggled to sleep and constantly enjoyed asking Sam various pointless questions throughout the early hours of the morning. Sam was not impressed with E-J asking him " Which plane breakfast are you going to have, cooked or continental?"

On Tuesday morning with an early start, we traveled to Perth. It was a smooth journey with one exception, E-J getting agitatedwith not having her own TV screen and then not having any sound through her headset, meaning that she may miss the inflight movie "Sex in the City". The experienced air hostess saw E-J's plane-rage temper growing to an alarming level, so quickly moved us before things boiled over.

Once in Perth we had a four hour wait until we finally caught our connection to Broome. E-J has now been to Perth 3 times, but never got further than the airport!

We arrived in Broome just before 7pm, to enjoy a most spectacular sunset on landing.


As soon as we set foot off the plane, we were immediately blasted with the heat and tropical feel of Broome and E-J knew we had come to the right place. Sam just complained that it was too hot!


Due to the expense of our flights, we decided to stay in a hostel, but we had planned it so that we stayed in one just by the Beach. We caught a taxi-bus to our hostel and prepared ourselves for the dorm that we had agreed to stay in and yes, it was primitive, with boys clothes, and food everywhere. E-J was just relieved not to find any insects and rodents joining in the party.

That night we relaxed at the hostel, exhausted from the long journey and with the two hour time difference we were in bed by 10pm.

The next day we were up early to find that the sky was overcast. E-J was a little disappointed by this, although it was still incredibly warm. Rather than immediately hit the beach, we decided to catch a bus into town. On the way in, we were immediately struck by the vivid colours, with the redness of the earth and the luscious green of the trees and piercing blues of the sea.


Having wandered around the town for a bit and looked in a few art galleries, we stopped at a cider bar and enjoyed a refreshing pint of home brewed Cider. We sat there for a while, enjoying the incredible views and the powerful colours of the landscape.


We then headed back to the hostel, grabbed our beach stuff and relaxed on the beautiful Cable Beach. Again, we were not disappointed by the sights.


We spent the rest of the day, lying on the beach, indulging in our books and soaking up the sun. It was paradise. Then, hearing so much about the famous sunsets, we sat and waited for it to arrive.


The sunset took quite a while and we started to become a little impatient and playful.


Finally, we sat there and enjoyed the beautiful colours.


That night, we went out to the only local bar. We enjoyed (as always) a good drink and a good meal and then headed to bed.


The next day was scorching hot, so E-J decided to head straight to the beach while Sam headed into town to do a few chores before meeting her.

We enjoyed a nutritious lunch of rice crackers, cheese and ham on the beach, and boiled in the 30 degree heat, with occasional ventures into the sea to cool off.


Again we waited on the beach until sunset and took in the beautiful views.


Broome is well known for the Boab tree. There trunks store water meaning that they can survive during a drought. We where fascinated by there size and shape.


There is a Boab tree that can be found in the Kimberleys, which was treated as a place to keep prisoners inside its trunk. It is an impressive 14 metres in diameter and is now a registered aboriginal site and is of cultural significance to local tribes.

Saturday was market day and E-J, always keen for local markets wanted to explore what crafts and trinkets there were to buy. She became mesmerised by all the pearls, which Sam had to steer her away from! With a few gifts we headed back to the beach for another intensive afternoon, battling the 30 degree heat whilst turning pages on our books.

The next day followed in the same routine as before, with an indulgent and relaxing day on the beach.

Then in the evening we moved over to the right side of the beach (which is also the nudist beach during the day) to watch the Camel rides against the sunset.


As the camel's would pass us, Sam would break into song "Camel Time" to the melody of M C Hammer's "Hammer Time!".


After E-J had taken a thousand pictures of the camels and Sam, had really had enough of these smelly creatures we headed up to the bar just above the beach to have a drink and enjoy the last of the sunset. The colours were incredible.


That night we followed our usual tradition of ending the evening with an good meal.


The last day was again spent on Cable Beach, which we decided was one of the five favourites of the trip. Buy now we had both got through three books and pleased with our tans (well, E-J anyway).

That evening we enjoyed the last of our beautiful sunsets together, with a couple of beers, in an isolated spot along the beach without another person in sight.


It was a fantastic way to finish the already amazing trip.


Sam's comments: A fantastic place, which only wants me to see more of the West Coast.

E-J' s comments: My favourite place in Australia. I've never seen such incredible colours and felt so happy and relaxed.


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This is probably one of the best times of the year to visit Broome, since it gets really, really hot closer to summer. Looks like a great place to sit and enjoy the beach:)


by dr.pepper

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